Welcome to AM Precision Engineering

AM Precision is a family-run business trading for 26 years. The business started just as a tool making firm, supplying mould tooling for the plastics, rubber and die-casting industries and we supply any other tool making as required.

We have also over the past years gone into plastic injection moulding and have at present Engel Moulding machines with up to 80 ton clamp force with 140 gram shot weight. Together with our in-house mould design, we are able to produce tooling to your requirement using C.N.C. machining and spark erosion. The company has an engraving department able to engrave mould tooling, and all other types of engraving including labels and equipment for the Post Office

We use Taylor Hobson engraving machines and spark erosion.


Tool Making

XYZ VM 3500 & KRV 2000
CNC Mills with offline programming and also Bridgeport Interact 1 Mk2
Mainly for electrode manufacture for spark erosion.
We also have centre lathe turning, grinding, plus all other tool making equipment.

Plastic Injection Moulding

plastic injection moulding

Engel Moulding Machines
1 off Victory 330/80 Spex machine 80 ton clamp force with 140 gram shot weight.
1 off ES 200/45 HLV Machine 45 ton clamp force with 55 gram shot weight.
Both machines have Piovan Hopper loaders, dosing equipment for any colour required and also material drying which ensures quality of parts to customers at all times.



The company uses Taylor Hobson machine engraving, with 3D capability and spark erosion.